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About Us


The Founder. A deep passion for Humanitarian Photography.

Photographers for a Cause began with travel, humanitarian photographer, and writer, Dan Romeo.
Dan has spent more than a decade working with humanitarian international and local NGOs and communities around the world. While his experiences were incredible and meaningful, Dan would return home wanting to find other ways to use his skills to give back to those in need.

Dan graduated from his studies in Italy and before the humanitarian path, he held management positions at various international IT and telecommunication companies. Among his most recent collaborations: UNICEF, Save The Children, Transparency International, France Parrainages, Condé Nast Traveller, Vanity Fair, Missionari della Consolata.

Dan knew that humanitarian photographers around the world need a place where to meet, discuss, share their experiences and enter in contact with international communities to give them support. Photographers with a deep passion for helping people in need. Storytellers seeking new opportunities and experiences along the way. Out of that feeling, that need, Photographers for a Cause was born.

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Photographers for a Cause

Photographers for a Cause is a nonprofit collective of Humanitarian Photographers, Reporters, Storytellers.
Our claim "Photographers for a Cause" describes our way of working together and sharing values, expertise, know-how, information for the purpose of helping local communities in finding the way to document their projects and their causes.
Members of Photographers for a Cause believe that working together is more likely to give to local communities a voice than if a single photographer were to support them on its own.

Dan decided to bring photographers together in a collective, to fuel their passion for humanitarian photography, and to take that passion to aim at helping non-profits organizations around the world.

If you share the same passion, if you feel a pit in your stomach when seeing children in need, images of people struggling to reach alive the end of the day, if you are in empathy with photography to better the world, join the team and become a member of this amazing adventure.