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Our Mission


We are a nonprofit collective of Humanitarian Photographers, Reporters, Storytellers. We tell humanity through our images, the strength of our reportages, and the storytelling of our humanitarian travels.

We connect photographers, storytellers, and volunteers with humanitarian organizations and local communities to help them in telling their stories and projects through photography.

Our name, "Photographers for a Cause", describes our way of working together and sharing values, expertise, know-how, information for the purpose of helping local communities in finding the way to document their projects and their causes.
Working together is more likely to give to local communities a voice than if a single photographer were to support them on its own.
With the contribution of everyone, every humanitarian photographer, every storyteller, with YOU, we can reach our aim: help people in need worldwide with the power of our images and visual storytelling.

Our work is focused on finding NGOs, Local Communities that need to document their projects. We do this pro bono and at no cost for them. We work in setting up the assignment and then in connecting the right member (Photographers, Videomakers, Storytellers) with them.

Our activities in 4 steps

1. Photographers

We collect Photographers, Storytellers, Videomakers, and Volunteers worldwide. We're creating the biggest professional community.

2. NGOs

We collect NGOs requests, needs, and projects. We work together with them in defining the best documentation project and find a way to carry it out.

3. Matchmaking

We know our partners NGOs and their needs. We create the perfect matchmaking between projects and our photographers and storytellers.

4. Organize

Our experienced humanitarian travel photographers work with members and organizations to determine the best project and travel strategy to achieve common goals on the field.