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Membership benefits

– A way to support and promote Photographers for a Cause around the world

– Be part of our worldwide community: photographers, videomakers, storytellers, and volunteers. Share your know-how, experiences, passion for humanitarian

– Have full access to webinars, discussion groups, meetings with professional people from all around the world

– Have the opportunity to enter in contact with NGOs and communities in need in order to support them, work together with them on the field, and side by side with international professional photographers, videomakers, storytellers.

– Have the opportunity to share your work with professionals and learn from them how to work on the field, improve your skills and approach to humanitarian photography

– Have the opportunity to see your work published on Photographers for a Cause web site, social channels

– See your images and your stories used by NGOs, International, and Local Organization to promote and serve their causes and objectives

– Get exclusive and amazing contents to your email

The membership is free for humanitarian photographers, storytellers, videomakers, volunteers. Open to every professional who has our same values, the passion for the humanitarian field, the desire to share know-how, and expertise. True people with deep empathy for human rights and want to help worldwide organizations in need to document their causes.